What Do You Do?

As some of you know Lil’ Boy has Sensory Processing Disorder. I know I should write about it more, lots of families deal with it. Things have been going well lately, and it has almost been like if I don’t talk about it it doesn’t exist. Not the best course of action but I want Lil’ Boy to feel like any other kid. I don’t want that label to hurt him.

But like most things that you choose to pretend aren’t there, when it comes up it usually comes back in ten fold. With the school year almost half over, the teachers are looking to evaluate Lil’ Boy for next year. We are talking tests, talking with a psychologist and an IQ test.

I know only good has come out of past evaluations, although at first hard to swallow we have come out on top. But as I write this the old fear comes up to haunt me. I want to hide. I want to take Lil’ Boy and protect him. I want to protect my family from any unknown. I am scared.

I know when all is said and done we will know where we stand. We will move forward and move up. I feel like I am looking over the edge of a cliff. Afraid to jump. I wonder if the cord will chute us to safety. Will float down, fearlessly, like silk in the breeze, or will we fall into the thorns worse for the wear. Knowing no matter what we just have to jump. Trusting it will all work out in the end.

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