We’re All Stars Now In the Poop Show

I try not to talk about bodily functions too much on this blog, so bear (down) with me.

Sometimes my children exhibit certain strange behaviors that 99.9% of me knows it is simple curiosity and the 0.01% of me prepares for possible psychiatric care. Yes I laugh now, but in the back of my mind I wonder “what if they are doing this when they’re twenty? Where is the nearest funny farm, just in case?”

The behavior exhibited by Lil’ Girl I know (hope) can be written off as interest in potty training. The fact that she wants to see her poop in her diaper is normal. (Please tell me it is normal, pleassssse.) The fact that she wants to see everyone else’s poop in the toilet is okay. (Right? Right? Okay Right?) Their is always a curiosity of what and how things come out, and where it goes. It all new to her.

Some in the house do not want their waste to be a show and tell item. Some rather keep this private issue private. Would rather not have their excrement to be something to watch, like say a Broadway Show. Or viewed like an animal at the zoo. Pointed at and looked at like a science experiment.

This is true for Lil’ Boy.
Lil’ Boy trips to the toilet have no become a covert operation. Before entering the bathroom he makes sure Lil’ Girl is no where in sight. Then finds a parent to tell of said secret mission, heads to the bathroom and locks the door. Upon finishing Lil’ Boy quietly unlocks the door, calls for mom or dad then runs to the toilet to flush down any evidence, screeching all the way “don’t let sis see my poop, don’t let sissy see my poop.”
Of course Lil’ Girl has caught on to this operation and is right by the door asking “See brother’s poop.” Where Lil Boy cries “No you can’t see my poop.” This goes on and on. It is an ordeal.

No one is a immune to this investigation, mind you. I still can’t bring myself to lock the bathroom door, and Lil’ hands can open doors. Guests have been subjected to this, mainly other babies. Her curiosity know no bounds. It is indeed fascinating to Lil’ Girl.

I am sure (pretty sure, kinda sure, OH PLEASE GOD) this inquisitive behavior will end. I am prepping for the task of potty training taking this as a sign of good things to come.

Kids are curious lil’ creatures aren’t they?

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