Weekend meme – Are you tired too?

First, I wish I had taken my camera along on my bike ride yesterday afternoon.  Not only did I see interesting plant life, but I saw some wildlife as well:  a gaggle of nine ducklings following their mother across the bike trail.  And just when I thought I had made it through a ride without seeing a snake, right before I turned off the trail I saw one.  Summer’s here!


While I love the “so-and-so” needs meme, I think this one is more appropriate now:

Julie is tired of:

  • South Africa (How I can be tired of South Africa?  I’ve never even been there yet.)
  • being tormented at school (Hell yeah.  This is one major reason why I’d never like to be a child again.)
  • JR using her (That show ended YEARS ago!  Why is he STILL bothering me?)
  • life and searches on the internet for fellow-spirits (Um, hello.  Doy Ralph.)

I know some of you are tired.  Leave your answers in the comments.

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