Twitter Snob

I am back on Twitter and am lovin’ all of my 17 followers. I am lovin’ the connect I am getting back and the laughs I am sharing. I have complied a rulebook for my new Twitter account. These are of course my rules and don’t reflect on anyone else.

1. If you choose to follow me you must Tweet. It doesn’t have to be everyday. Keeping the conversation going is key. If your Twitter account shows your last tweet was a month ago, I will probably unfollow.

2. You must be engaging. If I notice a tweet that is funny or I can assist, I will engage. If I ask you a question or engage you and you continually choose to not engage, I will unfollow.

3. If all your tweets are only ads and/or promotions with no engaging tweet, I will unfollow.

I am layin’ down the law here tweets, I am talking quality tweeters here. No more hitting follow unless I peek at your tweets, see if you are working for it. No more unanswered DM’s. NO MORE SPAM TWEETS. I am the self-proclaimed Twitter Snob!

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