The Goals

The other day when cleaning out my drawer I found a small book my sister-in-law made me for my 30th birthday.  “in my next thirty years…. I want to accomplish,” it states on the cover.  When I opened the book it was empty except for the brown stamped flowers my UBER talented sister-in-law crafted on each page.

Why hadn’t I written in it?  I know I wanted to get a nice pen, decorate my desires with more flowers and crafty things.  Make it perfect.  Well a year plus later and it wasn’t done, so right then and there I sat down with the nearest Bic pen and wrote down what I wanted.  What I wanted to accomplish….

  1. Become a published writer
  2. Go to Italy
  3. Go to college
  4. Be an extra in a movie
  5. Meet a U.S.A President and tell her what I think
  6. Send my kids to college
  7. Start an online community
  8. Do what I want & not worry about others think
  9. Begin again

Some will take some time.  Some will take some help.  Some will take some soul searching.  Because of my desire for perfect I lost a whole year in my next thirty, so I start today!

At the beginning of every month I will set some goals in all aspects of my life.  Things that I can reach in a month time.  Things that will keep me on the path for my next thirty.

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