The Family Drama

FAMILY SUCKS! There I said it, this is how I feel sometimes, when the wagons start circling and shit goes down I revert to that fetal position in the corner. I go inside myself and hide from the world. Sometimes I pretend I am watching all this drama from my T.V. screen. The twists and turns that are my life , in some way, resemble a soap opera. It is so much easier to pretend it is make-believe, that everything will go away in an hour, I will get on with my life.

Last night it was about my niece, a young teenager. A troubled teenager, her life shadowed with my sister’s demons. She just found out her “father” is not really her father. Now she is lashing out and she has been reduced to the “whore” of the family. Someone called her that right to her. And my heart sank to the bottom of my feet, through the floor.

Her behavior is bad, but her life has been worse. I sit back and watch my niece and my sister’s life crumble, all at once a mass of bricks falling around us.

The family stands among the rubble of my sister and niece’s life. We watch, stare and do nothing. What can we do? Our words fall on deaf ear. Our actions fall short.

What I won’t give to turn off screen. Pretend that what is happening is all scripted, the players of this tragedy walk off the stage and laugh at the drama they just played.

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