The Eccentric Ones

One of the greatest things about children is their incredible knack of seeing things not how they were meant to be. Their sense of imagination and wonder turns the most ordinary things into the most extraordinary things. How a bowl can be a hat or a pot and spoon creates their very own rock band. I am truly amazed everyday at my children’s sense of wonder.

Nolan has a great imagination. Being four I get great detail on what is and isn’t. “Mom that’s not a bowl that is a ramp for my monster trucks.” He states this so convincingly that I sometimes find myself questioning my own adult reality. All this time I was mixing thing and preparing food in that bowl-silly me . The true testament to Nolan’s imagination was when he wanted me to build a circus tent. I helped him, he instructed me how to put the blankets on my four poster bed. I got a kick watching his face as we constructed and played in the tent, he saw something more then a bed and blankets, he saw a whole new world.

Megan not talking yet it is harder to say how she sees things, and I really would love to know. Meg being one means she will play with any and everything she can get her hands on, being that it is safe I will let her play. The newest one intrigues me though, a bit strange, feminine hygiene products. It came to my attention one day when I found a tampon wrapper in the middle of the living room then the tampon on the steps, a clean one ladies don‘t worry. I was quite shocked but happy no neighbor stopped by and happen to see female products strewed about the house. What she thinks tampons are I will never know, but when she does find out what they really are for she’ll realize they are not fun at all.

An adults cannot get away with walking around with a bowl on their head, if we did we would probably be committed . Was Johnny Appleseed sane when he planted apple seeds with a pot on his head. When we see a person walking around with some sort of eccentricity, are they certifiable or has that sense of wonder never left them? I do often wonder at what age I lost that pure creative thinking, or did I lose it at all? As a mom I often have to MacGyver it and find a way to appease the mass. A cold washcloth becomes a teething aid or a walk around the block becomes a hike through the rain forest. Children truly are eccentric beings, who else could break us out of our everyday adult shells and see the world as it truly was meant to be.

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  1. Dr. Seuss books help to reignite your imagination, I found that when I would read those books to my son, I would get carried back to that time and I could be a kid with him and that was so much fun.

    Now he’s a little “sk8ter boi” and I can’t skate and never have been able to…so I’m left out – besides, I’m not “cool” anymore now that he’s 10….almost 11. But I do have nieces and nephews now that are little bitty ones, I like to play with them.

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