That’s what friends are for

I met Stacey in the summer of 2002 on Babycenter. She posted on the Working Moms message board as well as the Atheist/Agnostic board. Not only are her posts pants-wettingly funny – her comments on children’s television programs are legendary – but she is also articulate, intelligent, and extremely well-informed.

When my PIMs took our group off Babycenter and onto a private message board, she and I had already exchanged e-mail and were starting to get to know each other beyond the confines of the group.

We met in person for the first time at the inaugural PIM gathering in Chicago in 2003. She was in her first trimester with her daughter and was lucky to have made it to the gathering at all, given the constant nausea and sheer exhaustion. Later that summer, she and her husband and son came to New York to visit family, and we all met for lunch.

I didn’t see her again until I came out to Denver to find a house.

But it was Stacey who suggested that Kyle talk to her husband, Travis, about the possibility of employment here. It was Travis who went to great lengths to get Kyle’s resume in front of the right people. And it was the two of them who offered support and friendship through every step of our journey.

As funny as I’ve always thought Stacey is, Travis can be even funnier. Crude humor, clever humor, humor at the expense of the kids (not cruel, but the kind of humor that teaches kids how to dish it out and take it too). I routinely choke on my drink when we’re together because I’m giggling almost non-stop. And we do have quite a bit to drink when we’re together – like two weekends ago when we went to Dave and Buster’s and Stacey and I were cackling together in the backseat about Barbie baseball bats while Travis grumbled about how he’d be holding her hair back later that night and that the two of us sounded like Edith Bunker.

Trav, if you want to hear me do Edith, go here.

The last year has brought many unforeseen changes, but through it all, our families have remained friends and our friendship has grown stronger. We barbecue on the weekends. Stacey and I go out for dinner, drinks, and retail therapy. Kyle and Travis play poker. And the four of us get babysitters for the kids and go out together. We even have a somewhat unorthodox plan laid out for companionship and guardianship should tragedy befall us.

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