Tending to the Garten

Finally getting a glance at the calendar I am reminded that summer is winding down and in a few short months my son will be off to kindergarten. This is scary for me, this is my first one off to school, off to new adventures. He is excited, I am not. I know, everyone keeps saying “It will be okay,” and I know it will be but it doesn’t make the sadness of watching my son take this HUGE step any easier. Little Guy is certainly spreading his wings and he’s ready to soar. Mommy though has a lot to gear up for.

Summer school has been great for N, he is learning a lot, and also getting a small glimpse into how his school days will go in the fall. His teachers have been great, and N has his extra early education teacher helping ease the transition.

A child with S.P.D has a harder time with new situations, loud noises and lots of people, but I have already talked to the team at school that will make the change a lot easier for N. We have already set up times for N to sneak a peek into his classroom, and see the big gym and cafeteria. We also have a plan in place to deal with lunchtime and assemblies. Having a plan in place helps us know N will be well care for at school.

Schooling doesn’t end at that brick and mortar building. We have been working at home to get ready. I have found workbooks that I bring out to practice letters and numbers. We work on letter forms and shapes, lines and curves and starting at the top to form letters. We are also working on numbers with coloring and stickers, which N LOVES. If you are wondering the books are from School Zone, awesome, fun and easy to follow.

Watching N grow into this big boy is awesome. Just as this garden needs lots of love and care to grow, so does the kinder”garten” kid. Yes it is a big change but an exciting one. We are ready, I hope. And I will rap it up with a question am I a total dork buying this *T-shirt for N? It is just so darn perfect!

* I wanted to add this side note to tell you about were the t-shirt is from because it is such an awesome site. Verimeri tees are designed for kids by kids. They offer t-shirt design contests and fundraisers. The coolest shirt is the buddy tee. Designed by a young child as part of an anti-bully movement- Super Cute!

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