Taking Things Seriously

Before Christmas, probably before Thanksgiving , that is how behind I am, I won a copy of the book Taking Things Seriously: 75 Objects with Unexpected Significance by Joshua Glenn and Carol Hayes from The Daily Grommet. The book is a compilation of objects that at first glance seem insignificant, strange or just plain weird. Each of these objects have a story and that story is told by the objects owner.

Each story shares the joy, the sorrow, the memory that object brings to it’s owner. In the exact moment the object became more then a light bulb or bobbie pins or a pair of sunglasses, it becomes something more. Some stories will make you laugh, and some will bring a tear to your eye. All special in there own way.

As I was reading the book it got me thinking about that object that holds special significance to me. I have a lot of small mementos. Souvenirs from trips. Precious treasures given to me on those important momentous occasions. Nothing really stuck out in my mind until I went to wash the dishes and saw this…

A hand carved wooden giraffe. It has been sitting on the window still by the sink for six years. A little worn from the weather and the moisture but still it sits. I am often moving things around never satisfied with where things are. Bored easy or just wanting change nothing sits still in my house. But this giraffe.

We bought it on our honeymoon, the only real souvenir. It was in a small shop, a man sat outside carving animals to sell. We spend some time in the shop looking at all the hand carved pieces, marveling at the work. I picked up this giraffe and saw a named carved on the bottom and purchased it right away.

We have moved many times. Our lives have changed so much since we were the new family of two, starting out. Moving into our home, before we became a family of three and four, has seen it’s changes and held it share of redecoration.

I guess somethings should stay constant. With all the hussle and bustle, the changing of the seasons and more importantly the changing of our family, one thing should stay the same. Even if it is just a little giraffe sitting on the windowsill.

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