Strawberry Fields Forever

A pitiful crop from my own little strawberry patch made me very sad this year, the kids were able to have a small sampling of fresh strawberries from the patch . I ended up picking most of my strawberries up at the store and farmer’s market. The kids take the strawberries right out of the fridge and snack on them throughout the day, leaving stems on the coffee table, dining room table and yes the floor!

I was given a website for strawberry recipes, which has come in very handy, California Strawberry .(Check out their great tip section on the home page freeze em’ right!) Yes strawberries are for more then your shortcakes and jams (MMM jam)- put them in your salad or the one I might give a go, a ceviche.

I taught the kids how strawberries grow, from a plant, flower turns into a green berry which then turns red with help from the sun and water. They have learned a lot with the garden this year and the berry is the sweetest reward for all our hard work!

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