Stepping Outside

I love to getaway to my Mom and Mike’s farm. There is so much to do, and I can let my hair down a little. Watching the kids make memories, sharing in those special moments is awesome. Kicking myself for not having a camera by my side at all time. I know in my heart the greatest memories we have as a child is not always in pictures. It is stored in our hearts. Coming out when we need it most.

Martha was this small baby cow, born a twin she needed extra help feeding, we bonded instantly. Every time the kids and I trekked out to her pen she stood up on her wobbly legs to greet us. She crooked her head forward for us to pet, like a large cat. Sick little thing needed extra love and she got it. Next time we go up Martha will be lost in the sea of black and white, but she was loved. I laughed how I grew attached, mom assured me she and Mike get attached too.

To see my kids get excited over “work” is funny. Running up and down along the pens with large bottles was a sight, holding the bottles to feed the babies. Knowing someday soon the this magical help will fade away, enjoying it as it last!

Watching, listening to N inquisitive nature. Bright eyed when every tractor drives by. Right now he is in school sharing these moments, his knowledge with his friends. Telling them how they put water in the tractor tire to pack the feed down, and blue tractors are New Hollands. As we drove home he stated exactly how he would answer the teachers question, “what did you do this weekend?” He had pride, I melted a little inside over his joy.

M showed me her fearlessness, laughing after a calf came towards her, my heart skipped a beat. M’s tears as she left broke my heart, and she questions at this very moment “go Mimi’s.” I remind her soon, and she will ask twenty more times today.

My kids will carry these awesome memories for life. They will have a taste of a different life. I am reminded of my own adventures on my Grandparent’s farm, how it shaped me. How when I close my eyes I can picture, like it was yesterday, two little girls picking wildflowers and playing on the tire swing. Knowing in the future my kids will have these special memories. Close their eyes and remember.

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