Staph meeting

Is it Sunday night ALREADY? This weekend was a staph-infected blur.

I’m pretty sure it was staph. As in Staphylococcus aureus. As in “oh my god I think I’m going to DIE” repeated ad nauseum (quite literally) for a good twelve hours.

I had a cheesesteak for lunch Friday. Half a cheesesteak. The other half sat wrapped in foil on my desk until mid-afternoon when I got hungry enough for a snack. Big mistake #1.

I should have known better. I studied this stuff in college. I’ve CULTURED this stuff. On purpose. I’ve never INGESTED it though.

I felt fine until dinnertime. Then I couldn’t decide if I felt icky because I was hungry or because I really felt icky. So I ate dinner. Big mistake #2.

I did refrain from drinking with my dinner. Potential big mistake #3 narrowly averted.

I went to bed at approximately 8 o’clock that night. I didn’t look at a clock again until approximately noon the next day.

Unfortunately, I spent very few of those sixteen hours actually ASLEEP. I spent most of them in child’s pose with my forehead pressed against the tile kitchen floor in front of the open patio door, desperately trying to avoid throwing up.

(I may have mentioned a time or two before how much I HATE to throw up.)

I finally crawled down to the basement – the coolest place in the house – to curl up on the futon and fall asleep only to have terribly vivid dreams about catastrophic accidents (fortunately not involving my family, but still not particularly restful).

I awoke to find Tacy – having appointed herself Mommy in my absence – placing stuffed animals all around me. She had brought me a cup of water and wanted to know if I felt better.

I finally dragged myself upstairs to discover that Kyle had bathed both girls, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, mowed the lawn, and was now relaxing on the deck with a book while CJ napped and Tacy colored. Upstaged again.

(Seriously, he’s a trooper, and I’m ridiculously fortunate.)

I felt light-headed (and not in a good way) and achy even this morning. I didn’t eat regular food until lunch today. I still don’t really want anything to drink, and you KNOW I’ve got to be feeling icky if I don’t want to drink.

So be warned. Be careful with your food (especially what you feed to your kids). I knew better, and I still got careless and paid the price.

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