Real Moms Don’t Wear High Heels

On a day to day basis I am faced with the daunting task of picking between my blue jeans or the stretchy pants. I run through the day in my head and if there are no Doctors appointments, or meetings the stretchy go on. When in my wildest dreams would a pair of blue jeans be considered dressing up?

When I was seventeen leaving high school I dreamed of wearing fancy suits and having the shoe collection rivaling Imelda Marcos . Sadly though. my closet contains the mommy staples, jogging pants, jeans, t-shirts, fleece sweaters and the one nice pair of pants you pull out for the funerals and weddings. I have watched the shows that say “you can be a mom and be fashionable.” I know I will one day, be fashionable, when ketchup stains and snot smears grace the Paris runways .

Most moms can testify to this one, especially those who have little girls, that children are more fashionable then their mommies. How did this happen? I buy my clothes, I buy my kids clothes but my daughter receives more compliments on her pink peacoat then I do on my white fleece sweater. Not that I am complaining, but why can’t I apply that fashion sense to myself? Why do I get more excitement shopping for a one year old then I do for myself.
Shoes come with a different set of rules. I know I can’t chase the tots in a pair of six inch heels, but is there not fashionable flats. Most days though you see me wearing the uniform mommy footwear, flip-flops in the summer and faux Uggs in the winter. I really can’t run after them in flip-flops either, but I must say by the end of summer I have mastered the art of keeping sandals on my feet.

My reasoning for my fashion faux pas is that my kids come first. I enjoy shopping for them, I love the pinks for girls and seeing my sons face when he gets a new Cars shirt. I take more time picking out what they wear because I get more pride and happiness out of my children then a pair of Manolo Blahniks can ever give me. Maybe one day I will chase them in six inch heels, or wear the “it” dress, but for now I have two kids to chase, so bring on the stretch pants.

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