Real Moms Bake Casseroles

Inspired by a recipe in a chat, thanks Rachel, it got me thinking about the importance of having some good casserole recipes in the repertoire. I watch those cooking shows, with the gourmet cooks, and admire their seared beef tenderloin with a sherry reduction placed artistically on a plate amongst field greens and truffled mashed potatoes .

They work masterfully, food artist if you will , no doubt years of training and a great passion for food. A true test for those chefs would be to have two screaming toddlers at their feet.
The casserole to me is a true art form. The true test to how good a casserole is can be told by 2 points, one how many pots and pans you use and two how good it hides the veggies. One pan and cheesy veggies my kids are eating rivals any four star chef’s culinary delights.

Providing a meal with the essential food groups is important to me. As a kid growing up my mom always made sure we had a protein, starch and vegetable on our plate every night, and it is only right that I share that with my children. My mom was very good at throwing whatever in a bowl and calling it dinner, well she had another name for it but might hurt some virgin ears. I remember though sitting at the table with my mom, brother and sister sharing a moment and sharing our day. Some of my best memories as a kid involves the dinner table.

I think as mom were are passions lie are not how fancy are meals but how they sustain our children, helps them grow and feel nourished. The casserole enables me to incorporate all the things my children need and have a little time to play with the kiddos. I love when my kids love what I cook, but just as equally am frustrated when they turn their lil’ noses at my cooking skills.

Every time I cook something I know I am giving a little love to my family.
So tonight I will proudly take out a can of cream of mushroom soup, proudly mix it with some noodles maybe some tuna, and some peas. I could make a five course dinner, be a true Renoir of the culinary world, but tonight I will create a tuna casserole to throw those foodies off their rockers!

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