Bird’s Nest Craft

Yesterday we did a quick and easy craft, birds nest. You will only need a few supplies, a small Dixie Cup, paper shreds, like you find in the gift wrapping section, glue and pom-poms. Cut your small Dixie cup 2/3 the way down. Use paint brush to paint glue around the cup. Place paper shreds…Read More

Friday in Pictures

Yesterdays trip to the zoo was the perfect outing. The kids love the animals, and the tons of treats mommy can’t help but buy. Darn those gift shops. I have a giraffe collection at home that is endlessly aided and abetted by numerous family members. It is plain to see why I love giraffes, they…Read More

Taco Tuesday

My son woke up this morning, and like every morning the first thing he asks is ” what day is today?” Once a week before I answer I have to brace myself. This day is today because in our house it is Taco Tuesday. As soon as the day comes out of my mouth shouts…Read More

What I feel

How many drafts do you have in que? You know those posts you wrote but were to afraid to post. The ones you wrote in the moment. The ones that are truth but you were to afraid to post. Maybe because you didn’t want the backlash from a stranger, or more importantly someone close to…Read More