Staph meeting

Is it Sunday night ALREADY? This weekend was a staph-infected blur. I’m pretty sure it was staph. As in Staphylococcus aureus. As in “oh my god I think I’m going to DIE” repeated ad nauseum (quite literally) for a good twelve hours. I had a cheesesteak for lunch Friday. Half a cheesesteak. The other half…Read More

‘Rest’ room

Having spent as much time in various facilities as I have lately, several questions have come to mind. I’d like to get some input. ————— Why would you install polished faux-marble tiles on a bathroom floor? Large ones – maybe 12″x12″ – with a reflective surface? And overhead lighting? Do you see where I’m going…Read More

Enjoy the illusion

My husband can do magic. Sleight of hand card tricks are his specialty. The night we met, he did card tricks for me. He had his patter down pat, and I giggled like a teenager at his quips and was amazed by his flawless execution of the tricks. We’re both critical thinkers. We seek explanations…Read More


Edited to add: I feel compelled to clarify that this piece is not about my parents or Kyle’s parents or any other family member. To whom it does concern: I don’t often think of you. Only when I notice one of the gifts you gave us or when someone else mentions you. It’s been years…Read More

A Lil’ Day

Lil’ Boy can be seen doing one of two things, playing baseball or pushing around his race cars. This is his small collection of dirt cars. He is ridiculously creative, he puts dirt and water on the table to make his own dirt track. If you listen really close you can hear him do re-plays…Read More

The Family Drama

FAMILY SUCKS! There I said it, this is how I feel sometimes, when the wagons start circling and shit goes down I revert to that fetal position in the corner. I go inside myself and hide from the world. Sometimes I pretend I am watching all this drama from my T.V. screen. The twists and…Read More