Miss America, A Jug of Wine, Jumping Kids and a Moootiny

It was a long, but fun weekend. I spent today and yesterday getting caught up on my three full in-boxes and some cleaning….oh okay no cleaning you caught me.

I packed up the kids on Friday and we head up to MeMe’s for some farming fun and a birthday party. Although we often think we are going for country quiet and relaxation, we usually end up having a loud jam-packed weekend of fun.

We started out on Friday on the two hour trip that ended up taking three hour. Leaving at noon always warrants a trip to some unnamed fast food joint and a side trip to Lil’ Dad’s work.

After those few stops the kids took a nap, which always makes a mama happy. Forty-five minutes of peace listening to MY MUSIC is something I ALWAYS enjoy.

After a nice quiet evening and and a good night of sleep we woke up to a very cold morning. Freezing cold. Windy cold. Freeze your nips off cold. I knew I could not keep my children inside all day so off to a grand place called “Monkey Joes,” a large building filled with inflatable jumpers and such.

The kids bounced and trounced through part of the morning and well into the afternoon. So the question lies, How in the hell can my kids jump and slide and pounce all day and still manage to have massive amounts of energy?

After trouncing fun we went back to the farm to see my sister, her fiance and my brother, (yeah those ones) there for bonus fun. Please note when being around 2 sister, one of who is getting married and the other is matron of honor, bring ear plugs.

After a while in the house the kids got antsy again I decided to take them out to see the calves in the huts. Now I have a lil’ splain to here for you get the whole story.

My moms farm is not a small farm, it is a diary. With over 1000 head of cattle, it is huge. Outside in small huts are the calves, about 150 huts. From my moms house to the last hut at the edge of the corn field is almost a good city block, it is a nice walk for the kids.

I loaded up the kids in the large sled used for the bottles and pulled the kids through the huts. This was my first mistake, all the calves peeked their heads out as we past, there was some mooing and such. The sound of the sled must have equaled food to them.

When we got to the far end of the huts something happened. Either it was Lil’ Boys screech or something planned for weeks, a mootiny occured. The calf Lil’ Boy was standing by jumped his pen and escaped. Lil’ Boy ran screaming, and hid. I freaked.

A search for Lil’ Boy, I found him cowering behind a calf hut crying. Just then another calf escaped and another. I tried to get Lil’ Boy safely over to me while keeping Lil’ Girl safe. All the time watching more calves jump over their huts to freedom.

I finally secured both kids in the sled and started towards the house, trying to calm myself and Lil’ Boy the whole way. All this time Lil’ Girl wants to get out and play with these escaped cowvicts.

Before we got the house a few more calves escaped, and we had a run in with one calf, who was more scared of us, but still scary. We got to the house and Farmer M was called and the troops went in to capture the escapees and as my BIL stated “They are all incowcerated.” In the end between 7-9 calves escaped, although it seemed like a lot more. And you can add cows to the list of animals Lil’ Boy is afraid of.

We wrapped up the night with a lot of wine and a viewing of Miss America. Which may I say the only way to watch Miss America is with wine and a brother who wear this shirt. Good times.

So the lessons I learned. Pavlov’s response works for cows too. Three hour at Monkey Joes does not make for tired kids. And finally never EVER drink wine through a straw.

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