Lil’ Hammie Queen of the Cage

I promised myself I would write everyday. That is hard. Especially when you don’t have anything to really write about. Well I have stuff to write about but like our Lil’ Hammie, I still those thoughts/ideas have to run on the wheel a little more.

Talking about Lil’ Hammie or Spider Hamster, man that gal can climb, the kids love her, so much so that Lil’ Hammie is spoiled ROTTEN. The kids love to feed her fresh fruit and veggies. Now Queen Hammie, majesty of the cage will not eat the dried scap of meager hammies below her. That store bought Hamster nums filled with seeds, dried fruits and veggies are for peasants, only the freshest of produce for her.

WAH! Another mouth to feed.

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