Ketchup Hold the Mustard

Breathe! I wanted to give you a little 411 on what is going on. My brain is warped by a broken toilet. My dear husband, not a plumber, has been working hard to no success. A toilet that doesn’t flush properly is a hole in my soul. Thank GAWD we have two bathrooms.

But when I use to say I am in the bathroom I had extra time, the kids would run upstairs, find one bathroom empty and by the time they found me I had wiped and was washing my hands. Now they know exactly where I am and son decides he needs to pee too and stands over me with pants down. In true smart ass mommy fashion I say to my five-year-old “Pull your pants up what are you gonna pee on me? Be patient.” Which is a dumb thing to say to five-year-old boy who enjoys peeing on the front porch, he laughs and talks about peeing the rest of the day. Social Services is coming next week.

Next my new blog background, is it to distracting? I needed a new look, I was bored. I am surprised my blog stayed white for so long, due to my short attention span . Well I came across this site and I couldn’t resist. Free blog backgrounds, so many to choose from. SO you will see my blog change a lot! I might change it as the seasons change, as not to get bored and satisfy my ADD.

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