It Never Hurts to Ask & Ask Again

I have just received an awesome e-mail, a huge success for my blog here. A couple of weeks ago I bought the kids the Barenaked Ladies new Snacktime CD. We have been rockin’ out to it for two weeks when I had the idea to have this CD be my first giveaway.

I went online to the Barenaked Ladies site and linked to their CD store. I e-mailed customer service and asked if they would help me with a giveaway. Three days later when I didn’t hear anything I e-mailed them again with details, told them how I would run the contest, and how mommy blogging is a great marketing tool. Well they just contacted me and I will be having my first giveaway thanks to The Barenaked Ladies! Plus they are not only giving me Cds for the giveaway, with each CD will be a copy of the Snacktime book! Stay tuned for Monday for all the great details!

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