I Think I Can

This will gross a lot of people , but I can tell how good my day was by one simple test, the teeth, flooring comparison. If my teeth are as smooth as porcelain tile, it has been a good day, if my teeth are like a 1960’s shag carpet it has been a bad day. Okay it is not because I haven’t brushed my teeth all day, it is because on bad days my sugar/pop/chocolate consumption triples and because, okay I question my oral hygiene.

Among the trails of the day, the crying, the tantrum the possible caring of a sick child, did I take two minutes to take care of myself?As a mom I think sometimes we forget our own needs. There are the days when the endless list of things yet to be done is screaming in the corner. How to get it done?

We forget sometimes to delegate. In the big business world that word, delegate, is thrown around a lot. When it comes to running the empire that is our family why do we take the load on ourselves. Stay at home moms, like myself, often feel the guilt of not making financial contributions to the home but even working moms take the brunt of the household, child rearing tasks.

Just the other day my husband decided to help me with laundry, I was thrilled, I was not so thrilled when he left the basket of clean clothes for me to fold. It was easier for some reason to sulk, throw a little tizzy so why didn’t I ask for his help, delegate while I did my other tasks.

I write this blog, as well as all my blogs as a release, to gain perspective, a hot shower for the soul. On those bad days when we are chugging up that hill, wondering when did I take a minute for myself, and the all important question did I brush my teeth today? You have to let go and release some of the load, ask for help. Some road will be rocky, some smooth but we keep chuggin’ along “I think I can, I think I can…” the lil’ mommy that could!

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