I Suck

Sure I do. My brain is like a vast hole. I suck. I have been reviewing my blogs the past couple of weeks and yeah I suck. Why did I start writing, because it came to me. It wasn’t forced. I had an idea, a thought I typed. The thought wasn’t thinking. The thought was there and it came out of me. Out my fingers. Onto the keyboard. On the screen. I hit publish and I was satisfied. Not so satisfied lately. When did it get hard?

I allowed myself to distract myself from my true desire to blog. Before the emails. Before the request. I did it for me, no one else. Reviews, fun. Packages, fun. Free stuff, fun. But overwhelming. Obligations=no fun!

So what to do? I love this lil’ blog. From now on I write what I feel. I only choice what drives the passion. If it doesn’t give, I will let it go. When it stops being fun. It stops being me. So I will write, write what I feel. Do a giveaway or two for the fun AGAIN because it is fun. And be, do, what I wanted to be, do when I started this place.

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