Go Round

What makes your house go round? You know that one thing that wasn’t there your house and all that was in it would stop, cease to run. Maybe it’s music, or the T.V. Maybe the home cooked meals or the take out pizza. The quiet moments or the noisy times. For us it is that time right after dinner and right before bed were the kids get a lil’ crazy and let loose.

It usually starts with a request for a race from Lil’ Boy to Lil’ Girl. A lap around the kitchen, a tousle on the floor. Sometimes there are tears but there is usually more laughter. It gets loud. No. LOUD. Sometimes I swear I am going to lose my mind, thank gawd for that bottle of red.

Even in the throw of this not-so quiet time, when I think I am going to be carted away by that big white bus, I know it’s all good, Because my kids can run, and play, and laugh and be kids. Forever Grateful.

It just feels like a James moment….sorry these James moment always hit me late at night.

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