Boredom with Blogging or ADD and Blogging

Every once and awhile I get bored with blogging. Yes I said it, and? I have an identity crisis and I think this blog is not good enough. I need a change beyond changing my background. I start a new blog to fill some endless void of writing desires. Most of the time, I will be honest it lasts a week and I get to stressed to keep up all the writing.

Not that I am not busy enough, I decide to throw another blog on the fire. But in a way blogging is my only release from the stresses of the day. And often I find if I sit idle it gives me a chance to feel anxious and other things. I am not the type to fill my minutes with cleaning- that is boring. Releasing through writing has always helped.

So when I get this desire to start a new blog most people don’t even know it cause I don’t say anything, I just start the blog and delete it three weeks later. Or remember my political blog. I wrote three post and realized that is all I had to say. I am no pundit, more like a pundon’t. I grew bored with the idea, and heck who cared about my mediocre ramblings, I didn’t even care.

I did have a review blog, and what happened? Well it was less review and more ad posts. I have guilt issues with reviews. People give me stuff say here review this. I get product and think yeah and. Sure free stuff is cool but ultimately I felt like I was obligated to write something nice because you know they gave me this thing for free. So I wrote more about what the product was like and less about what I thought of the product. I got bored and frustrated with the whole idea of review.

So you think I would learn my blogging lesson. More blogs equal more stress. I am a glutton for punishment though. It is a curse. I love to try new things. Plus I have about a zillion things running around in my head and if I do not release them I will EXPLOOOOODE.

So yes I have done it I have started two new blogs, we will see how long they last. Well one is not for me so much as it is for my sister. My younger sister is getting married this September and part of the bridal party is in another state and one in another country. My thought being that blogging might be an easy way to communicate and make everyone feel like they are apart of the wedding preparations. There might be more then one person blogging on the site so we will see.

Now this thought I have been playing around with for months and months. A new review blog. This one is different. It is a REVIEW blog. None of the items that are reviewed are given and no review is paid for. It is in a sense a consumer reports review site. If I use a product I love I will write about it. If I don’t like something I want to inform people. I want to do reviews in a fair and balanced way. And yes I know the title is a bit provocative, but it fits.

I am crazy right? I know but I gotta give it a go or I will go crazy if I don’t release these ideas. Hey and just what the blogasphere needs another 2 blogs right?

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