Bedroom Slippers in the Snow and Mixing Bowl Bands

There is always that age of a child that you find the most annoying. For me it is generally the age that my children are. Two and five they are a constant stream of annoyance. From metal mixing bowl drums to indoor tackle football complete with full on fan yelling, I am a walking head-ache. I handle it all relatively well. I love those crazy kids but it doesn’t make running around in circles yelling at the top of your lungs less aggravating.

Today changed my opinion. Driving home from the store, the area High School was letting out. I shook my head in annoyance, rolled my eyes and realized I rather have twenty two and five year old then one of these “children.” Okay maybe not, but you know get how irritating I find this specific age group.

High School kids. Blah. Yes I was one, (ack-hum) years ago. I was one of these annoying adolescence. The age were common sense goes out the window and leeches attach to your brain. Those leeches that suck all formative elementary rules out of your brain.

Out goes the rule of looking both ways before you cross the street. Everyone should be aware of teens presence. No need to look, time will stop, cars will come to a sudden stop as you slowly make your way across a four lane road.

Nor forget the simple rule of proper winter clothing. Granted shorts and Uggs were once the statement of celebs, said celebs lived were temps didn’t go below 40 degrees. Slippers are for walking around the house, not skating on sidewalk ice.

Upon arriving home from this teen-age zoo, I approached my five-year-old for a common sense experiment.

Me: “What do you do before you cross the street?”

5 yo: “Look both ways!”

Me: “Do you wear slippers in the snow?”

5 yo: “No you wear them in the house.”

Genius my 5 year old! Smarter then a 10th grader.

Okay I realize there will come a time when my children will reach this age of un-reason. Where fashion will come before warm woolly hats and gloves. Where time will somehow stand still for strolls across the highway. I know I will no longer be able to instruct them on, really anything without an eye-roll and a quick “I know mom.”

I have some years before I reach this highly trying time. I have plenty of time before I pull out all my hair in distress. For now I’ll just enjoy the “Mixing Bowl Band,” anyone have a Tylenol?

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