As I type this I am listening to some Van Morrison- his music just says fall. Warmth- I envision sitting on my porch, wearing a sweater, warm cup of tea, legs wrapped in fleece watching the leaves fall. I dream of fall. I love the colors. That last breath of warmth. I love how the…Read More

I Suck

Sure I do. My brain is like a vast hole. I suck. I have been reviewing my blogs the past couple of weeks and yeah I suck. Why did I start writing, because it came to me. It wasn’t forced. I had an idea, a thought I typed. The thought wasn’t thinking. The thought was…Read More

Stepping Outside

I love to getaway to my Mom and Mike’s farm. There is so much to do, and I can let my hair down a little. Watching the kids make memories, sharing in those special moments is awesome. Kicking myself for not having a camera by my side at all time. I know in my heart…Read More


Why is it throughout the day I have a hundred things to write about, then when I sit in front of the computer to type all thought is gone? I could write about how my perfect weekend wasn’t that perfect. Why my five year old can’t sit still, or why his impulse allowed him to…Read More

The Goals

The other day when cleaning out my drawer I found a small book my sister-in-law made me for my 30th birthday.  “in my next thirty years…. I want to accomplish,” it states on the cover.  When I opened the book it was empty except for the brown stamped flowers my UBER talented sister-in-law crafted on…Read More


The fact that I am a nerd is seeping out of me tonight. What did I do? I watched the debates, playing (Palin) Bingo and tweeting. I have the thick glasses to prove it and a lil’ snort when I laugh. I am not very “techie,” or “treky” but I do have a overwhelming abundance…Read More