And Breath

Nothing like a deleted post to ruin your blogging spirit. My desire to blog everyday cut short. It kinda rains on your parade a bit, then when the sun comes up and you start the parade again the downpour comes. So now I have an umbrella, before I hit publish I am going to copy…Read More


As I type this I am listening to some Van Morrison- his music just says fall. Warmth- I envision sitting on my porch, wearing a sweater, warm cup of tea, legs wrapped in fleece watching the leaves fall. I dream of fall. I love the colors. That last breath of warmth. I love how the…Read More

I Suck

Sure I do. My brain is like a vast hole. I suck. I have been reviewing my blogs the past couple of weeks and yeah I suck. Why did I start writing, because it came to me. It wasn’t forced. I had an idea, a thought I typed. The thought wasn’t thinking. The thought was…Read More