I Will Blog Today

A few words just to get my once a day blog in. HECTIC! Yesterday Lil’ Boy slipped and fell on the ice, he gotta nice fat lip and a bruised ego. Today he didn’t want to go to school so I had to bribe him with a chocolate chip cookie breakfast and a promise that…Read More

Taking Things Seriously

Before Christmas, probably before Thanksgiving , that is how behind I am, I won a copy of the book Taking Things Seriously: 75 Objects with Unexpected Significance by Joshua Glenn and Carol Hayes from The Daily Grommet. The book is a compilation of objects that at first glance seem insignificant, strange or just plain weird….Read More

Go Round

What makes your house go round? You know that one thing that wasn’t there your house and all that was in it would stop, cease to run. Maybe it’s music, or the T.V. Maybe the home cooked meals or the take out pizza. The quiet moments or the noisy times. For us it is that…Read More

Twitter Snob

I am back on Twitter and am lovin’ all of my 17 followers. I am lovin’ the connect I am getting back and the laughs I am sharing. I have complied a rulebook for my new Twitter account. These are of course my rules and don’t reflect on anyone else. 1. If you choose to…Read More

An Adoption Celebration

Before the week is up I wanted to talk about this weeks Mommytalk.com’s blog pick of the week. Mom Most Traveled is having a special adoption celebration. There are special stories from all over the web. There will be giveaways, who doesn’t love giveaways? Most important is the inspiration and support you will receive. Connecting…Read More