Application for Blogger Sober House First Season

I wanted to give you an update and a give a thank you to all my cool friends for their support. I gots my happy pills and on my way.

My wonderful, caring and hot doctor put me on Prozac for my anxiety. As most of you know it takes some time for this drug to take effect so to help with the here and now he gave me Xanax. Because of my late appointment and a non-24 hour pharmacy I had to wait till the next day to pick them up.

That night when I couldn’t sleep I caught a wonderful episode of “Celebrity Sober House,” which EVERY single one of these C-D-E list celebrities were hooked on Xanax. Not a good thing for a person with anxiety, who is about to take this drug, to see.

That night all I could think about was how I would be on the first episode of Blogger Sober House. With elephant boobs, large pouty lips and wearing gigantic sunglasses, telling my fellow bloggers how the PR companies and the pressures of Twitter drove me to it. I’d go out to a tweet-up, against the better judgement of my sponsor. Someone tells me I am third rate blogger and I hop off the wagon.

Pathetic I know.

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