And Breath

Nothing like a deleted post to ruin your blogging spirit. My desire to blog everyday cut short. It kinda rains on your parade a bit, then when the sun comes up and you start the parade again the downpour comes. So now I have an umbrella, before I hit publish I am going to copy this post and paste it somewhere just in case. Better safe then sorry, right.

It has been cold here. No, I mean REALLY COLD. So much so that I have wished for global warming to come take me away, much like Calgon without the UTI. I have kept the fam indoors, myself only escaping for a midnight run to the grocery store.

Nothing like a nice case of the hibernations to give you an anxiety attack. You know the kind where you locked up in the same place, breathing the same air and listening to the same noise and your heart is about ready to explode out of your chest. I am feeling better now, a beer and a couple SAM-E did the trick.

So that has been my past couple of days. Now the sun has come up and negative temps are behind us, for now. I can BREATH. This week is gonna be a lot better! Something tells me it is going to be a very good week 🙂

Hope for you too!

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