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One of the great things about being a bloggin’ mom is you have a great net of friends from all over the world. We share in the good times and bad. I can honestly say the people I met are the best people EVER. I haven’t even been bloggin’ for a year and I feel like I have been here forever. I am home.

Finding my bloggy voice has been more then hard. I have changed a lot of things. Schedules, no schedules. To review or not to review. Crafts, recipes and everything in between. I swear some people must think I have attention issues. And I do, a little.

Lil’ Dad and I were talking about what to expect in the year, and we started talking about my blog and other online ventures. When he talked about it I swear he was proud. He didn’t say it outright but for the first time I can sense he believed in Lil’ Mommy and more importantly he believed in me. I think he might have been holding his breath, waiting to see if this bloggy thing stuck and it has. So now I have another cheerleader in my corner. Minus the skirt and pom-poms.

I have a feeling these pages in the next couple of years will be filled with more personal words. Fears, happiness and such. You have to bear with me, there are still some growing pains. I might change my mind about stuff a million times over.

Like now, I changed my mind, I am back on Twitter, personally. As you know I changed my Twitter account with lots of Tweets to Mommytalk. Now I have my own Lil’ Mom stuff. This time I have it protected, just so I can keep it intimate. No porn followers. Just friends old and new, more friend talk, then business talk. So if you wanna tweet go here and we’ll chat a little.

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