Twitter Snob

I am back on Twitter and am lovin’ all of my 17 followers. I am lovin’ the connect I am getting back and the laughs I am sharing. I have complied a rulebook for my new Twitter account. These are of course my rules and don’t reflect on anyone else. 1. If you choose to…Read More

An Adoption Celebration

Before the week is up I wanted to talk about this weeks’s blog pick of the week. Mom Most Traveled is having a special adoption celebration. There are special stories from all over the web. There will be giveaways, who doesn’t love giveaways? Most important is the inspiration and support you will receive. Connecting…Read More

The Talk

The talk. We have to have one. You know “The Talk.” The one that you know will change a relationship, shake it up. The unknown outcome scares you so much you don’t know if you have the strength, willpower or self to do it. It is just words but knowing those words could hurt someone…Read More